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The Wonders of a Wedding Jewelry Box

Giving and Keeping a Wedding Jewelry Box

Wedding Jewelry Box

  If there’s one set of accessories that’s almost entirely inseparable from the wedding experience it’s jewelry. Brides sometimes spend months picking out the perfect set of earrings or the right necklace, and bridesmaids often find themselves sporting matching charms or other sparkling accessory as their gift from the couple. One part of this blinged-out wedding staple that is largely ignored is probably one of the most important missed considerations in the wedding jewelry-buying process: a good wedding jewelry box. Not only does a wedding jewelry box make a great gift (especially personalized), it carries with it the important task of storing and preserving your wedding jewelry. Think about finding a wedding jewelry box specifically for the jewelry you will wear on your wedding day. It guarantees that the jewelry won’t be misplaced, and it serves as a wonderful storage facility between now and when you show (or gift) it to posterity! A wedding jewelry box is also a wonderful gift for your bridesmaids or flower girl. It isn’t as breakable or specific-to-style as jewelry itself and it’s guaranteed to have a long-lasting useful purpose after the wedding day! A wedding jewelry box most definitely has its place in your wedding!
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Finding the Right Flower Girl Gifts

Selecting Beautiful Flower Girl Gifts

Flower Girl Gifts

Showing your appreciation for a bridesmaid or any other member of the wedding party is usually pretty simple. Men like useful, practical gifts while any bridesmaid would be happy with a piece of unique jewelry to wear on your wedding day. But what about the littlest member of your wedding team? How should you select flower girl gifts? What if she’s too young to appreciate jewelry? Too old for a coloring book? Here are a few hints to help you with your flower girl gifts shopping: Be aware of your flower girl’s age when deciding on which flower girl gifts to select for her. Very young girls might not appreciate a special trinket now, so a wall chart (to measure her as she grows) or some other pretty wall decal might be just the right fit. Select something personalized for her that she’ll grow to love. Other flower girls gifts that work wonderfully for the flower tot are things like coloring books and sticker packs – items that will keep her entertained before and after the ceremony. Older flower girls usually regard their title very seriously. If you can, include her in the matching gifts (if you choose to do matching gifts) you select for your bridesmaids. Flower girl gifts for the older flower girl should be as grown-up as they can. If you’re worried that she isn’t quite ready for the gifts you’ve selected for your maids, think about finding flower girl gifts that come close. Think about a bracelet or necklace in your wedding colors with her initial engraved on it. Something personalized that she can wear during the ceremony will make her proud to be your flower girl.
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