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Unique Wedding Cake Toppers: What to Choose?

It might be seen as a small touch in the grand scheme of wedding decor, but unique wedding cake toppers will make a big impression. Think about it. Those little figurines, monogrammed letters, or love birds, are standing in for you and your groom. 
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Love It! - Calla Lily Arch Cake Topper Review

Thank you for the BEAUTIFUL cake topper !!!!! I absolutely love it!!!


Linda – Rochester, New York

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Calla Lily Arch Cake Topper

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Floral Wedding Cake Toppers add Unity to Wedding Décor

Simplicity and Beauty in Floral Wedding Cake Toppers

Floral Wedding Cake Toppers

  One of the most important aspects of wedding design is unity. If you’re having a casual western-themed wedding and your tables are outfitted with English garden party centerpieces, it isn’t going to feel right. You might have a lot of ideas and inspiration working for you, but take some time to limit your scope to achieve aesthetic unity at your event.   Your wedding cake topper is not exempt.   If your wedding is spilling over with a certain type of flower (hydrangeas, roses, etc), floral cake toppers can help that look along.  If the same flowers are included on top of your wedding pastry (especially if you’ve included blooms on your wedding cake), floral cake toppers become a unifying piece of artwork. Floral cake toppers are usually able to match the style and color scheme of your wedding, and you have several options depending on your personal taste:   You could, in theory, top your cake with floral wedding cake toppers that are made up of fresh blooms, but you would be robbed the opportunity of an important wedding keepsake. Consider floral wedding cake toppers that simply incorporate your flower of choice, such as a traditional bride and groom surrounded by flowers or featuring a bride with a similar bouquet.   Consider how floral wedding cake toppers add to the simplicity and unity of your event.
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