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Top 5 Fantasy Cake Toppers

Bring Fantasy Cake Toppers to your Enchanted Forest Wedding Photo Cred: Happy Chantilly Want to bring a little bit of the fantasy that is in your love story into your wedding? Look no further! Check out our top 5 fantasy cake toppers!

Number One: Rose and Pearls Fantasy Fairy Wedding Cake Topper

This fantasy cake topper makes the number one slot partially because it is what most people think of when they think of a fantasy themed wedding. A beautiful fairy and her knight in a love locked embrace floating on the cloud of romance and white roses; what more could you ask for?

Number Two: Arthur & Guinevere Pewter Cake Topper

You may not have the fate of Camelot resting on your shoulders or be facing the test of being able to pull the sword from the stone, BUT that doesn't mean your love isn't a tale for the ages! And look, the way they hold hands makes the negative space into a heart!! It's kind of the perfect fantasy cake topper is it not?

Number Three: Skulls Groom Kissing Bride Wedding Cake Topper

 Are you a Gothic bride, want to celebrate the Day of the Dead, or just really emphasize that till death you do you NOT part? Then this skeletal bride and groom is for you! We have several options within this theme (Check out the Fantasy and Gothic cake toppers tab!), but this is one of our favorites because it is modeled after the traditional bride and groom, and yet still totally unique.

Number Four: Fairy Tale Dreams Castle Cake Topper

 Complete with the inscribed "And they lived happily ever after..." this fairy tale castle cake topper will look great at your fantasy wedding!

Number Five: Rose Heart Pewter Cake Topper

This is one of our less obvious fantasy cake toppers. Entwined vines and roses create a simple heart shape that will add the perfect note atop your fantasy wedding cake.
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Whimsy and Magic: Fantasy Cake Toppers


Fantasy Cake Toppers: A Gift for the Fantasy-lovers in your life

Fantasy Cake Toppers

For the couple who's REALLY into fantasy as a genre, it can become a way of life. The world of fantasy is inviting and ethereal - why not invite it into your wedding? Fantasy cake toppers come in the patron metal of fantasy fans (pewter) or the many forms of fantasy lovers. Fantasy cake toppers feature dragons, faeries, mermaids, elves (with wonderful, pointy elf ears), and every other kind of beautiful, supernatural elegance that you could imagine perched on top of a wedding cake. Fantasy cake toppers also make wonderful gifts for the fantasy lovers in your life. They may not put it on top of their cake, but fantasy cake toppers look wonderful on escort card tables, dessert tables, and even the sweetheart table. Your fantasy cake topper gift could complete the fireplace mantle display of whimsical trinkets that mark their life together. Be sure to package fantasy cake toppers carefully - little things like wings and tails break off easier than more sturdy traditional bride-and-groom figurines. Fantasy cake toppers may look magical, but that won't protect them on the ride over to the reception space. Fantasy cake toppers are perfect for the wedding you've always dreamed of: a fantastical one.
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