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Tailoring your Wedding Menu

Deciding on the choice of food is another major concern in your wedding. Before you choose the menu, you will need to decide the budget. If you are on a tight budget, you can choose to serve only snacks and tea or coffee. If you want to splurge, then you can opt for a lavish four course dinner. Choose the caterer with care. Ask around for references. Maintain variety in the menu depending on your budget. You can also provide your own family recipe in case you want to have a personal touch. You must include foods that you and your spouse enjoy. After all it is your special day. Try and sample the food before you choose your caterer. Some of them offer complimentary sampling. Others will ask you to pay a nominal charge. Either way, it is wise to taste the food. Try and include enough vegetarian and non vegetarian options. This way, no one will have reason to grumble. Once you have decided on the entire menu, it is a good idea to show it to close friends for a second opinion. This way, you will still have chances of changing before the wedding day.
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Low Cost Wedding Reception Ideas

Your wedding is something that you have grown dreaming about. But that does not mean that your wedding will put you in debt. No point starting a new life with debt. So do not go overboard. Things are expensive and over splurging is not a good sign. Your wedding is your special day. You are not here to please your guests. In fact your guests are here to be a part of your special day. Keep in mind that the most extravagant wedding is not necessarily the best one. One good way to cut cost is to avoid all frills. You can do away with alcohol. You can simply provide soft drinks and hot beverages. If necessary, you can keep a cash bar. If your guests want to drink, they can do it at their own cost. You might skip dinner entirely by holding your reception early in the day. You can also opt for pot luck by asking few close friends to cook. You can do away with the expensive china and silverware. You can use paper plates and napkins. Don’t worry no one will mind. If you want some music, you can check with local colleges. They have good in-house bands that are not too expensive. You can also compile a  CD of your favorite tracks from the net and play it at the venue
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Wedding cake servers, unity candles and candle holders for an idealistic feel to your occasion

Wedding is the occasion of a lifetime and people often don’t mind to go an extra mile to make it a memorable one. Trivial of things are eyed for detail so as to make it special. Apart from the photographs, it is these efforts that gets captured and stored in our memories forever. The cake cutting ceremony at the wedding reception is the celebration of the life that will be shared by the couple together in the years to come. During the ceremony, generally the groom places his hand over the bride’s to show their unison and cut its first slice. Though the ceremony will be cherished by both, no matter what, but to add a dazzle to it, cake servers play a perfect role. Silk flowers or ribbons can also be added to these servers to adorn them even more. Besides, to create a romantic ambience, there is nothing better than beautiful candles that can be thought of. There are different designer wedding unity candles, specially made for the occasion of wedding that portrays the unity of the bride and the groom. Presented with gorgeous candle holders, they lighten up the whole occasion and give an idealistic feel to it.
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Looking out for a Wedding Cake?

When you decide to get married a series of thoughts start flashing in your mind. How would you like to dress, what will be the guest list, where would you love to go to celebrate your honeymoon? It’s an exhaustive list. Before you walk down the sacred aisle with your fiancé to make a wedding vow, you must coolly think and make a list of your choices. Amongst these thoughts, the choice of wedding cake should top your list. Many couples think in the traditional ways. But those who want to give unique special touch to this precious occasion experiment new ideas. To experiment begin with the Wedding Cake – totally non-traditional version! The Cup cakes! These can be decorated with designs of your choice. You can inscribe each guest’s name individually on cupcake and put on their tables. You will surely delight your guest with this idea. These can even be packed in the take home boxes. The guests will not have to wait in a queue for dessert and will have the choice to eat now or later. Children will be too happy to have these cupcakes in their tiny hands. They come in a variety of flavors, and can really tickle the taste buds. The cupcake will definitely make you both and all your guests remember this as a novel item of your Great Wedding!
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Wedding card holders and boxes are must have wedding accessories

Wedding is an occasion which is the beginning of a union and new life. People while making wedding preparations spend luxuriously to make it a lifetime memorable, extraordinary and unique event. Wedding customs and traditions vary from religion, culture, countries and social classes but what remains the same are the invitation cards through which people invite their near and dear ones for their special occasion. As choosing a good dress is mind boggling for wedding, similarly getting a nice wedding card also holds much importance. There are a wide range of wedding cards available in various designs and styles, and to make it more attractive a plethora of wedding card holders and boxes are also obtainable in the market. Wedding boxes and holders comes in different designs and can be made on special order too depending upon your choice and style. Some designs like cake, tier cakes, birdcage boxes, and floral designs are very common in the wedding cards. These holders and boxes are made from special fabrics and come in billions of colors to make it give a more stunning and beautiful look. Accessorizing the holders and boxes with raw materials like pearls, colorful ribbons and pictures make it more appealing. Choose from our wide range of  wedding card holders and boxes varieties.
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