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Creativity and Style: Wedding Bouquet Accessories

Wedding Bouquet Accessories Highlight your Creative Choices

Wedding Bouquet Accessories

Whether you’re building your own bouquet or looking to improve on your purchased one, wedding bouquet accessories are a stunning addition to all of your floral arrangements. Usually an accessory such as a bird, crystal, flower, or other trinket is suspended on a long, thin wire to make up a wedding bouquet accessory, so they are easy to place and arrange in a tightly-bound floral arrangement. Florists will often mark up wedding bouquet accessories, but if you have an eye for design and style, there’s no reason why you can’t fit them in to your bouquet yourself.   Wedding bouquet accessories that are simple and not so varied in color (such as teardrop or cluster crystals) are great for winter or solid-color bouquets. They won’t distract from the bold floral statement, but will add sparkle to your day.   Wedding bouquet accessories that feature garden-like trinkets (such as hummingbirds, ladybugs, and colored crystals) look wonderful in whimsical and colorful bouquets, especially in the spring. And don’t discount the other uses for wedding bouquet accessories. To create unity and flow in your reception space, highlight and accent your cake and centerpieces with the same wedding bouquet accessories that adorned your floral arrangements as you walked down the aisle. You can add your own creative touch to every aspect of your day with wedding bouquet accessories!
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Wedding Table Runners - A Simple and Long-Lasting Accent

Say it with Wedding Table Runners

Wedding Table Runners

Personalized wedding table runners are a unique and exciting accent that will compliment any event's decor. Wedding table runner are already a staple at party rentals, as they add depth and stylistic complexity to your table arrangements, and they're perfect for tables that are showcasing simple centerpieces. Wedding table runners highlight the centerpieces without distracting from the overall design (and your guests don't have to move them to see each other). Wedding table runners are a great way to make sure your centerpieces and table designs pop without being overly showy.   The benefit for personalized wedding table runners over traditional wedding table runners is obvious: they offer another way to showcase your monogram on your wedding day. By adding your signature monogram (or names and wedding date), you add unity to the other pieces of wedding decor likely to display your initials as well. Personalized wedding table runners also make wonderful keepsakes after the big day. If they display your family name, they'll be a wonderful addition to the homes of your relatives - if they'll just be personalized with the names of the happy couple, they'll make a great addition to your dining room table. Personalized wedding table runners can be stored away for anniversaries and special occasions (not to mention for the eventual distribution to progeny), or they can be left out year-round to remind you of your love and commitment.
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The Wonderful World of Wedding Window Clings

Wedding Window Clings: The Perfect Touch

Wedding Window Clings

  Finding the right accessories to perfectly accent your wedding or pre-wedding parties can be hard to coordinate. There are always candles and flowers, but what unique touch will bring the whole look together?   Consider wedding window clings. Perfect for any pre-wedding event (such as a bachelorette party, shower, or engagement shindig), personalized and customizable wedding window clings attach to most smooth, dry surfaces with a little bit of water, and can be removed safely and easily after the event. Perfect for any space with limited customization, wedding window clings will fit any theme or style you’re set on. Wedding window clings are also great for at-home parties such as bridal showers, as any window can become a surface ripe for customization. Wedding window clings don’t leave marks or residue, so they’re just right for any host or hostess who’s a little nervous about unintentionally permanent decorations.   Of course, the most popular use for wedding window clings aren’t going to be in the view of your guests for long – think about subbing car paint (which could be potentially hazardous, especially if you’re driving a classic or rented car) for wedding window clings on the back window of your vehicle as you exit your reception. Wedding window clings also look great next to a trail of rattling tin cans as you drive off into the sunset!
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Paper - Inspiration for your Wedding

Seasonal décor, such as flowers and other pretty tidbits, tend to hike up the bill of a wedding quickly and without warning. Many brides spend days pouring through lists of discount decor and flower wholesalers to ease the rising of a wedding budget, but it seems to be one of the inevitable parts of the process. Do-It-Yourself options can help with the swelling, but hundreds of silk flowers and trips to the craft store for more puffy paint can add up just as fast. The supplies for this bit of inspiration, however, are probably all over your house already: PAPER.   Paper decorations and craft projects are a great supplement (or alternative) to traditional décor. They’re inexpensive, fun to design and make, great activities for groups (such as get-togethers with the bridesmaids), and provide excellent bonding time with your fiancé (Just make sure to write up specific directions!):   Think About Using… Origami: The art of folding paper into shapes has a long-standing history, both in the arts and crafts world. There is a saying that the folding and displaying of one thousand paper cranes at is accompanied by a wish (you might as well make it beneath a shower of the cranes at the altar!); there are simple patterns for origami flowers (including orchids, roses and lilies) all over the internet, and origami boxes add a unique and personal touch to wedding favors. Lanterns: Lighting is incredibly important at any major event, especially a wedding. Guests won’t notice it if it’s done well, but they can tell if things are off. Paper lanterns go for just a few bucks at most department stores, and even less at party supply places. They’re inexpensive, easy, and they look extra posh at a loft event, and make for whimsical garden parties. Snowflakes: We all made paper snowflakes as kids, and they’ve never stopped being fun and stylish. Make them again (in smaller, less frantic versions) and string them anywhere that needs and extra splash of décor at your winter wedding. Setting up a station for kids to cut their own (with safety scissors and an adult to supervise, of course!) is another great way to keep children entertained until it’s time to go.
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Don't Stress About Bridal Shower Centerpieces

Keep Bridal Shower Centerpieces Simple

Bridal Shower Centerpieces

So you’ve been charged with decorating a bridal shower, huh? If you’re a friend or family member of the bride, this can be a daunting task. If you’re a bride, stop reading and go let one of your bridesmaids worry about it!
How will you know if you’re picking out the right decorations? What do you even use to decorate a bridal shower? Look no further, worried woman wonder! Bridal shower centerpieces are all you need to make your bride’s shower shine. Sure, everyone loves balloons, ribbons, and vaguely inappropriate gag gifts, but bridal shower centerpieces (if used correctly) can add an element of elegant simplicity that mirrors the theme and feel of a bridal shower. For the most part, you’re going to want to keep your bridal shower centerpieces simple. Don’t feel like you have to create towering works of art at every table (like you might at a wedding). Bridal shower centerpieces shouldn’t be in the way of important speakers or events. If you want accessories for the bridal shower centerpieces that go beyond flowers in a small vase, think about adding “bling” on a stick: little trinkets that stick out of floral arrangements. You can find some that fit your theme but don’t overpower the bridal shower centerpieces. For something different, try using candles or photo-frame vases as your bridal shower centerpieces. Overall, keep them simple and understated. You don’t want bridal shower centerpieces outshining the bride!
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Be Prepared with Wedding Hand Fans

Wedding Hand Fans

Help Your Guests Beat the Heat with Wedding Hand Fans

Fall may be upon us, but hot days are still surprising brides all over the country. Don’t be caught unprepared! Wedding hand fans make a great favor for your guests, and they’ll definitely appreciate it if your ceremony is outdoors. Wedding hand fans are easy to slip into your décor, and make lovely additions to your guests’ seats or place settings. Wedding hand fans come in a variety of colors and won’t look out of place no matter what your color scheme or theme. Wedding hand fans are dainty and discreet – even if you didn’t plan on using them before your big day, they can be great to have on hand just in case. The same goes for wedding umbrellas!   Outdoor weddings are rising in popularity, but often a bride will forget about the aisles of sweaty guests that will be watching her nuptials. She may be so swept up in the moment that she won’t need wedding hand fans, but her guests certainly will! Make them as comfortable as possible with wedding hand fans and they won’t think twice about the blazing sun – all eyes will be on you.
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Selecting the Perfect Bridesmaid Gifts

Bridesmaid gifts


Selecting the perfect bridesmaid gifts:

By the time your wedding rolls around, your bridesmaids will have been there for you through thick and thin. They were the ones who sat up for hours in your apartment tying ribbons on the programs and organizing escort cards. They were also the ones who (hopefully) threw your shower and bachelorette party. And on your big day, they will stand with you as you commit your life to the one you love. Show them that you appreciate all of their hard work and dedication with the perfect bridesmaid gifts. How should you select the bridesmaid gifts right for your bridesmaids? Try to find bridesmaid gifts that fit either the personality of your bridesmaids or the theme and feel of you wedding (or both!). Many brides opt for bridesmaid gifts that their girls can wear during the ceremony and/or reception, such as jewelry or bedazzled sandals - and other brides choose bridesmaid gifts that their maids will use forever in their home (such as personalized glasses or tote bags). Any bridesmaid gifts that can be personalized with their names, your names, or your wedding date is a big plus, because your girls are sure to think of you (and the great time they had helping with your wedding) for years to come.
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What is a dazzling decoration idea to try out for rehearsal dinner, reception or shower parties?

To help you in your search of truly versatile and vivacious wedding and party decorations, we have compiled an excellent selection of exquisite decorations to choose from so as to add that your very own and unique touch to the entire celebration. Just to give you a feel, here we elaborate on bedazzling Bling Flowers! The bewildering Bling Flowers allow you to pick a fabulous fantasy bouquet from six lovely petal patterns and 14 superb Swarovski colors. A crystal leaf or perhaps a curly stem for a gorgeous garden can make it unique. They make perfect wedding bouquet accents. You can plant a dazzling garden of fabulous Flowers right on your top tier in a lovely range of styles, adorned with lighthearted curly stems and lush crystal leaves. You may opt to tuck them in to create a beautiful pattern of buttons on both sides of a tier. With their smoothly shapeable stems you may also add a captivating Crystal Flower to the veil, boutonnieres and corsages or even your wedding party. This will well compliment your luscious cake! Why not let them hover over a beautiful bouquet of Flowers or simply perch them atop your majestic Monograms or Hearts. You can create more sparkle by crystallizing the wings! You can make use of these dazzling decorations at rehearsal dinner, reception or shower parties. What more, these wonderful accessories can make a nice keepsake for guests!
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How can your vision of dream wedding become a reality?

The wedding day is approaching near. No surprise that the preparations to make your celebrations perfect are in full swing. You have selected the gorgeous groomsmen’s tuxedos, and have also settled on the beautiful bridesmaids’ gowns. But wedding shopping is much more than that… It will take months for you to move from one shop to another, looking for different accessories required during and even after the celebrations. So how can you simplify the task? Approaching a competent Web-based Wedding collectibles platform will do the trick for you. Quick delivery and follow-up service make up for a real user-friendly Wedding collectibles resource online. Here you can get exquisite and high quality assortment of shirts, comprising hoodies, tank tops, long-sleeved tees, t-shirts etc. These along with other accessories are indeed a great way of spicing up that special bridal party, shower, or, for that matter, every gathering that forms part of your pre- or post-wedding ceremony. This is your opportunity to translate your vision of dream wedding into a reality, all just at the click of a button. Importantly, depending on the theme of your wedding celebration, you can get everything customized so that it perfectly jells with the spirit and mood of the occasion. What makes each piece produced truly unique is the fact that it’s made with extra attention to each minute detail under expert observation.
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A comprehensive collectibles platform to double the joy of your wedding celebrations

It is understandable that you want your wedding celebrations to become memorable. This is undoubtedly once in a lifetime chance to make everyone around happy, and you sure don’t want to miss out on it… To bring your dreams into reality, what you need is a comprehensive wedding collectibles resource on the Web that unveils in front of you a wide variety of exquisite accessories just at the click of a button. The classic and contemporary wedding items categorized in a user-friendly way allow you to get ready for the occasion in a hassle-free manner. A dynamic and comprehensive wedding collectibles’ platform allows you to access some simple albeit elegant, as well as offbeat albeit dazzling accessories. Depending on your tastes, style and budget, you can make your choice from the comforts of your home. Thankfully, you have arrived at the right resource online that lets you access some of the most fabulous picks online. It houses wonderful Wedding Cake Toppers, Wedding Cake Servers, Wedding Flower Girl Baskets, Guestbooks and Pens, Wedding Ring Bearer Pillows, Wedding Figurines, and Bases. You can also get fantastic Wedding Reception and Bridal Shower Centerpieces plus a fine selection of Wedding Apparel, Flip Flops and Sandals, Wedding Garters, Handkerchiefs plus post-Wedding Items. The sizzling selection of immaculately designed accessories will double the excitement and joy of your wedding. What more can you ask for?
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A gift that reflects true spirit of a wonderful occasion

An embroidered wedding party handkerchief that carries a catchy card reflects the sentiments and spirit of this wonderful occasion. The handkerchief is embroidered with bewildering blue. A little thoughtful note of appreciation is attached to the recipient. You may sample some of them below. For example, a note to his father expresses gratitude for all those special moments he has been there for you.  It thanks the father for his showering you with love, support and for all his help become what you are today. The note mentions: “You (father) were a great teacher not only in words but also in actions. You have taught me what’s important in life and shown what strength and love is all about! “  'With him, you could learn to overcome obstacles and also could gain confidence in your own abilities', it adds and sums up your sentiments, stating: “As you walk (with me) down the aisle and I enter into marriage, please know that you were the first love of my life. I’ll always be your loving daughter (or son). " A thank you to mother expresses similar feelings and is full of appreciation for all her help and support. It points out how your mother have prepared you for this day and how she has been the perfect example of strength and life. There is also a note from a proud mother to her daughter on this special occasion, her wedding day. It wishes a daughter all the peace and contentment in her new life.
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Which are the ornaments and accessories that serve as perfect mementos for personalizing your celebrations?

One wants to enjoy some special moments in one’s life with apt mementos and accessories. Here are some exciting options for enhancing your 15th or 16th birthday celebration. On top of our list is a lovely Pearl Arch Quinceanera - Sweet Sixteen topper. This is a fabulous cake topper made of porcelain. It carries a wonderful white flower arch that is suitably accented with faux pearls majestically flowing over a cute fine Quinceanera – superb Sweet Sixteen figurine. It shows the excited young debutante curtseying charmingly, even while carrying lovely baby pink rose. The pretty figurine includes a rhinestone 15 or 16 that comes with an organza bow. The sizzling skirt is crafted of organza and comes in hand painted porcelain. his is a good option for adding to the joy of your 15th or 16th birthday celebration. Next in line is a passionate Pink Crystal Quinceanera bouquet. This indeed is an elegant accessory. The handmade bouquet is just right for making your Quinceanera celebration unforgettable. It is made with roughly 50 Preciosa Czech 14 mm crystals of excellent quality in an appealing octagonal cut and superb silver-plated alloy stems, along with 6 pink handmade gum paste flowers that look delicate. It’s accented with shiny pink organza ribbon with a matching satin edge. You may also consider Script Number Monogram topper as an offbeat choice. This is a redesigned topper that is available in a superb satin silver finish. Numbers are available for anniversaries, birthdays and also as table numbers. The magnificent monograms are indeed the perfect ornament for personalizing your wedding cake. They are also apt for engagement parties, anniversaries and showers.
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