What Are Some Popular Ideas For a Themed Wedding?

What Are Some Popular Ideas For a Themed Wedding?

What Are Some Popular Ideas For a Themed Wedding?

Themed weddings are quite popular among couples. Those who want to express their creative side personality go for this type of celebration. The most challenging task for planning such an event is the selection of themes. However, there are so many ideas that you might get lost among them and find it difficult to choose one. To inspire you, we’ve listed some of the most popular themed wedding ideas that always work. 

Popular Ideas for a Themed Wedding

Your theme is very important as it will set the tone for the whole event. Have a look at some of the popular wedding ideas to take inspiration for your big day. 

  • Rustic Wedding
  • This is one of the most popular themed wedding ideas, as it creates a wonderful warm woodsy atmosphere for your special day. It might be our favorite theme if you are into DIY. Mason jars, handmade flower bouquets, natural textures, and wooden decor items offer a picture-perfect setting. 

    You can choose an outdoor location to complement your theme and enjoy a lasting event. 

  • Modern Wedding
  • Want to add a contemporary touch to your aesthetic? Then go for a modern wedding theme! There are several wedding ideas for this type of theme, and most involve simplicity in everything – from decor to attire. 

    A minimalist decor will light up your venue, complemented with ghost chairs, simple monochromatic florals, and soft music to create a subtle environment.

  • Bohemian Wedding
  • Bohemian or boho weddings represent a mix of different themes. You might find glimpses of rustic, natural, sustainable, and vintage aesthetics. Muted, neutral, or colorful flowers are an important part of a bohemian wedding. Often couples love incorporating dry florals too! When it comes to attire, think of rusty tones and breathtaking lace gown designs.

    Make sure your invitation, food, decoration, and venue align with the theme and color palette.

  • Destination Wedding
  • Destination weddings are an all-times-favorite. You can select a memorable destination and execute your special day there. It will be both a wedding and a honeymoon! Plus, you will provide your guests with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to discover a stunning location they have never visited before. You can hire local planners to plan and create an unforgettable memory for you. 

    A themed wedding is a great idea to make your big day special. You can also mix and match various themes and pull off something completely authentic!