Why Are Fall Weddings Popular?

Why Are Fall Weddings Popular?

Why Are Fall Weddings Popular?

When planning to tie the knot, the weather, season, and month are important things to consider. That being said, some seasons are more popular than others, and to your surprise, fall weddings are more popular than spring or summer ones! But why is it so? Let’s find out.

Pros of a Fall Wedding

There are a variety of reasons why couples prefer to have a fall wedding over hosting their big day in another season. Have a look at some of them to discover them. 

Moderate Weather

Unlike the scorching summer and freezing winter, fall has more moderate weather. Especially if you want an outdoor ceremony, this is the ideal season. There is neither too much wind, hot weather, nor sudden showers. 

Even if you plan an indoor wedding, the moderate weather saves the cost of heaters and chillers. 

Stunning Fall Foliage

Your wedding decor is an essential part of your big day. The stunning fall foliage offers the perfect backdrop for an outdoor celebration. You do not even need to spend a lot of money to get a picture-perfect background for photographs. This makes your fall wedding planning a lot easier.

The vibrant colors of the falling leaves and autumn trees look breathtaking. Imagine saying your I DOs in front of such scenery. Magical!

Wide Variety of Flowers 

Floral decoration enhances the charm of a wedding. During fall, there is a wide variety of flowers available. You can have peonies, snapdragons, garden roses, baby’s breath, and so many more! They make the perfect bouquet for the bride and also elevate the decor of the venue.

Delicious Foods

You can include the delicacy of seasonal foods in your fall wedding planning. You have some of the most amazing vegetables available to enhance your reception menu.

Treat the taste buds of your guests with the fusion of fall vegetables and fruits. Enhance your menu with filo tarts, potato soup shooters, toffee apples, and pork pies.

Fall weddings can be so much fun with the perfect weather and environment. It is a popular wedding season for all the right reasons, wouldn’t you agree?