What Are The Best Colors For A Fall Wedding?

What Are The Best Colors For A Fall Wedding?

One of the best things about planning a fall wedding is being able to choose from a plethora of color palettes! So many gorgeous colors are present during the change of seasons, and the perfect décor is provided by mother nature too. Natural fall tones are whimsical and warm, but the true magic happens when you combine them with deep hues and jewel tone accents to achieve a dramatic effect. Sounds interesting? Let’s dive deeper – here are our suggestions for an unforgettable fall wedding design!

Provide deep background tones

Typically, a wedding design is based on a white, vanilla, or champagne background. When it comes to fall wedding planning, feel free to play with deep yet lavish background tones. Comforting deep earth hues like Hickory and Chocolate pair well with all Orange and Yellow accents. So does Forest Green too. And Royal Purple, Burgundy, Navy, and even Black are a bold way to accent any chic Beige, Caramel, and Gilded fall details and jewel tones. Base your palette on any of these shades, and go for a bold luxurious vibe!

Dreamy muted colors

Sage, Mauve, Dusty Rose, and Taupe are the main shades to base your fall wedding palette upon if you want to achieve a romantic atmosphere and induce a lingering feeling of timeless allure. These also pair well with Golden and Jewel tones for the accents. Choose any single muted tone for the base, and combine it with copper or rusty shades and white accents for a fairytale effect.

The bold warm tones

Nothing screams joy and festivity louder than Marigold, Cranberry, and Bumblebee Yellow! But bear in mind, one extra touch can be too much when having fun with these colors. To make sure you aren’t turning your fall wedding theme into a tropical one, use these colors for specific details only. Such are candles or napkin rings on the table. 

The bold tones are great for removables. These include paper napkins or cards and pens for guests to write their wishes for the couple. These elements are a wonderful way to implement unexpected colors in your fall wedding planning.

Which colors would you go for? No matter what you choose, we are sure that your fall wedding will be magical!