What Do You Serve At A Fall Reception?

What Do You Serve At A Fall Reception?

Planning a fall wedding is a lot of fun. The warm color palette, the themed details, and natural decorations such as pinecones, pumpkins, and fruits; can overwhelm you with inspiration!

But what about the food choice? Is it a cliché to serve typical seasonal food at a fall reception? Read on for a few out-of-the-box ideas on what foods and drinks to serve at a fall wedding.

Slow-cooked soups and pies

Pumpkin soup may come across as a suggestion of Captain Obvious right now. However, we thought of something even more mouthwatering – broccoli and squash potage served with blue cheese. Or you can opt for a warm tomato soup with bite-sized meatballs or grilled aubergine dipped in greek yogurt on the side. Crunchy baguettes or tiny bread loaves look magical in this combo!

Mushrooms are another strong autumn flavor that makes excellent creamy pottages. They can be combined with strong herb flavors such as thyme, celery leaf, bay leaf, or rosemary.

Pork pies and filo pastry are a great combination with soups. Meat lovers will love the rustic flavors of meat pies. Sweep vegan guests off their feet with an array of filo pastry pies stuffed with a leak & pepper, pumpkin & cinnamon, potato & walnut, and other bold combinations! Your fall wedding can easily be remembered by the extravagant and creative reception menu.

High on calories

While a carrot cake or baked pumpkin topped with organic honey is a great and light dessert, you may want to tempt your guests with marzipan-filled dates wrapped in bacon. A cheese board is a great idea for a fall reception. It can be served with dried cranberries, seedless dried apricots, and dried figs to complement the flavors of strong fatty cheese.

Warm drinks and strong spirits

Mulled wine and cider is a great fall reception hack – it is appropriate, delicious, and budget-friendly. If you want to encourage your guests to mingle and chat, consider adding a whiskey self-service station. An organic tea station is another brilliant idea – the jars full of leaves and flowers to be combined in rustic cups will make a great photo point and enrich the memories of your magnificent fall wedding!