What Do Guests Wear To A Halloween Wedding?

What Do Guests Wear To A Halloween Wedding?

So, you have been invited to this themed wedding, appointed exactly on Halloween. Naturally, you can’t help but wonder how much dressing-up will be appropriate! We are sure you have all kinds of creative ideas. So, let’s see if we can help you decide what to wear for this Halloween wedding.

Does the invitation specify a dress code?

Check the invitation. The couple should solve this dilemma upfront. They don’t want anyone to remember their special night as an evening of embarrassment to be the only one in costume, or regret to be the only one not wearing a Halloween wedding attire. If it is not highlighted as a costume party or with a Halloween-themed dress code, you can double-check with them. Call the person who invites you and ask them directly. It is better to naively ask one person and get the right answer than to naively come wearing a costume in front of a hundred people.

Paying due respect to the date

Even if it is specified that it is not a costume party, you may still want to pay respect to the holiday. Expect a Halloween wedding to be somehow themed or to at least feature fall motives. Join the vibe and go for a vamp-style burgundy gown, goth makeup, or just a long black scarf over your clothes of choice.

Play it safe

If you are not sure whether you’re comfortable with the idea of dressing up for a Halloween wedding, you can always have plan B. Bring white face paint, eyeliners, and lipliners in your purse. Watch a tutorial for Halloween face painting online. Wear neutral clothes in a minimalistic fashion to accent your painted face. Once you arrive, if you notice most people are masked, go quickly to the restroom and apply something discrete yet spooky on your face. Draw a stitch across your forehead or in line with your mouth. Draw tears of blood, an open wound, or draw eyes over the surface of your closed eyelids. Make sure you don’t come close to those with faint hearts if you opt for this last suggestion.

In the end, relax – a Halloween wedding is not a costume competition. The main priority is to have fun!