Is It Bad Luck To Have A Halloween Wedding?

Is It Bad Luck To Have A Halloween Wedding?

Is a Halloween wedding a good idea? It is a holiday that celebrates superstition, darkness, and horror. At first thought, it is unusual to connect all that with lifetime vows or happily ever after. But marriage is about loving and embracing both the good and the bad in your partner and being loved and accepted for the whole of who you are. So if you’re a fan of Halloween here are some wedding ideas that go beyond the shallow association.

Some pros

It is not common to have a Halloween wedding, so most vendors will be free to serve you on this day – you will have more options available. You may even get lucky with a discount from some vendors.

It is out of the high season, so you can plan a fantastic honeymoon and not spend a fortune on it. And while we’re talking travel, although it is a major holiday, people don’t typically travel for Halloween like they do for most other holidays. That means most of your guests will likely confirm their presence.

You don’t have to try hard to come up with a theme – it is given! A great choice of fall and spooky decorations are available and affordable. It is great fun to research wedding ideas including bold dark tone palettes and fun decorations instead of elegant ones.

If you assign a classical wedding dress code you may want to hire a face paint artist to spice things up at the wedding. It will be a lot of fun for the children as well as for the guests who did not spend a fortune on professional makeup. 

Some cons

Many religious places might perform a ceremony on this holiday but may not agree to host a spooky, dark, or demonic Halloween wedding. Check in with your local house of worship what is their stance on this subject before you start planning. 

Some conservative guests may be offended if you go overboard and turn your Halloween wedding into a full-blown costume party. Have in mind that some people don’t love to dress up and others may dress up inadequately, so try to keep things elegant. But, in the end, it is your day, and your day only – tailor it in a way that complements your personality!