How Do You Have An Elegant Halloween Wedding?

How Do You Have An Elegant Halloween Wedding?

Horror movie lovers and people looking for something out of the ordinary are just some of the couples that would love the idea of a Halloween wedding. If the thought of it feels enticing, but you don’t want your special day to resemble a masquerade or a kids’ party, we have your back! Read on to find out the main factors for a breathtaking elegant Halloween wedding.

The scene is the key

Imagine your celebration happening in a ballroom with dim light, dark walls, and large hanging chandeliers – this would make the ideal setting for the event. If you’re throwing a smaller party, an old haunted house would be perfect for your Halloween wedding. Choosing a venue with a fireplace will add to the warmth of your festive mood. 

If you’re a fan of outdoor events, we recommend choosing a pumpkin patch venue. And for all the brave hearts out there – maybe consider a forest party setting!

The colors dictate the style

Deciding on a Halloween theme doesn't necessarily mean that you must paint everything orange and black. Dark jewel tones, such as midnight blue, will give both a majestic and macabre feel, while blood red and deep plum will undoubtedly add to the lush. Muted fall tones will also make a respective choice, considering the season, and provide a sophisticated atmosphere.

You might be surprised, but choosing black and white colors is also a playful combination. Monochromatic tones can accent luxurious velvet and leather textures and score a dramatic effect.

Subtle sinister decorations

Draperies in dim colors, moody florals, and an abundance of candles are a must for an elegant Halloween wedding. Adding a single golden skull, a vase covered with a witch hat, or a black raven sculpture as a centerpiece for each table is yet another way to elegantly decorate the scene in the holiday spirit. You can also use dried roses, fall foliage, and feathers as placeholders for achieving a more subtle table decoration.

Even if you end up having a regular wedding déco, it doesn't mean that your thematic bridal party will not be successful. Adding an accent like black tableware, bread made out of coal dough, or black ink cookies at your cake station will set a festive tone for your unique Halloween wedding.

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