What Is A Masquerade Wedding?

What Is A Masquerade Wedding?

Do you want to use your creativity and stand out from the crowd with your wedding planning? Then you’ll love our suggestion for a Masquerade wedding!

A masquerade will add a mystique vibe to the wedding party no one will ever forget. And here are the few main aspects you need to consider to make your special day extraordinary.

The wedding Masquerade theme

Halloween is the perfect date and theme for such occasions. At least it will be more suitable for the guests to comply with the dress code. But if you don’t quite understand the concept of it, you might as well consider some of the following thematics: 

  • A Venetian Carnival theme: 
  • It is as timeless and elegant as it gets. If you are pursuing sophisticated esthetics and unified looks of the masks, this is the perfect wedding masquerade theme.

  • Enchanted forest theme: 
  • Go outdoors and decorate a part of a forest with draperies and lanterns. Make sure to give your guests a detailed description of the dress code along with your invitations.

  • Alice in wonderland: 
  • Be the Queen of Hearts on your big day. You can print out the card army masks, both back & front, and give them to your guests. Just make sure you mention the option in the invitation.

    Special Masquerade Wedding decorations

    Think of silk and feather arrangements instead of florals, centerpieces decorated with lollipops, or peacock feathers as placeholders… There are so many witty ways to twist the usual wedding decorations into a cultivated Masquerade theme.

    Bite-size portions with tempting looks

    Expand the mystery to the realm of food: ask for a menu that has unorthodox combinations of flavors and looks that don’t give out the ingredients. Think of adding arrowroot, mustard, cinnamon, clove, garlic, gorgonzola, ginger, or tahini to any dish or dip. Be careful with the chili and other hot flavors, though!

    It is smart to think ahead and choose food that you can easily eat with a mask on. This is why finger food and anything that can be served bite-sized is a must at such events.

    To fully enjoy your Masquerade Wedding, don’t forget to install a photo booth and make tons of memories of your one-of-a-kind party!

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