Can You Wear Black To A Wedding?

Can You Wear Black To A Wedding?

Black is a perfectly fine color for achieving a sophisticated look on all formal occasions, including marriage celebrations. The little black dress or a pitch-dark suit is a timeless piece in every wardrobe, so wearing black is naturally a go-to option for many events. On top of that, black flatter every body type and shape and combines well with almost everything.

Here’s a short guide on when you should (and shouldn’t) choose to wear your favorite black outfit!

Avoid it in the warmer seasons 

Wearing black at a beach wedding, especially in the morning or afternoon on a sunny day, is advised against for practical reasons. No one will forbid you to wear this color, but you may be too hot and feel uncomfortable! For daily celebrations, you may want to go for dark jewel tones like blood red, royal blue, or violet instead of stark black. If it is a winter party and black is allowed in the dress code, feel free to dress up to your preferences.

The traditional meaning of black

Traditionally, black is a color typically associated with mourning, sorrow, or death across many cultures. That is why, it was inappropriate to wear it on happy occasions such as a wedding, a birthday, or other festive celebration. If the couple or their families are very conservative or religious people, they might be offended by their guests' clothing choices. Traditional Indian and Chinese cultures ban wearing black on the couple’s special day.

What if it is your big day?

Black is probably most commonly found among the wide selection of men's suits. However, the bride is somewhat traditionally limited to wearing white or at least whitish hues. 

Recently, weddings have evolved so much, that any breaking of traditional rules is accepted and more or less accommodated! There are some stunning black gowns out there if you feel wearing black is better than white. At last, it is your day – you should be able to wear whatever you fancy! 

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