How Do You Have a Non-Tacky Themed Wedding?

How Do You Have a Non-Tacky Themed Wedding?

How Do You Have a Non-Tacky Themed Wedding?

Have you been thinking of having a themed wedding soon? Your special event will be one of the biggest parties you throw that will make a significant impact on your overall life. Thus, it requires careful planning to ensure that everything goes smoothly. When it comes to a themed wedding, it becomes even more important to execute a non-tacky event. How? Let’s discover below!

Ideas for a Non-Tacky Themed Wedding

Your big day’s planning can get a bit back-breaking with so many tasks and limited time. You might feel short of inspiration due to stress. To help you on your journey, here are some amazing ideas to help you have a memorable themed wedding.

  • Get everyone on board
  • This does not mean including your whole guest list in your planning team. It means that you must ensure that a large part of your loved ones are happy with the theme. Forcing them to follow a theme and telling them what to wear can make things tacky. Rather, discuss this earlier with them so that they feel included. 

  • Enough seatings
  • One major problem that makes themed weddings tacky is the shortage of seats. Inviting your guests and having them stand due to inadequate seating arrangement is bad. Make sure you always have enough seats to facilitate all attendees. Tip – keep a safety stock in case of some unexpected guests.

  • Hire a wedding planner
  • This is one of the most effective tips to ensure a non-tacky, themed wedding. Do not overburden yourself or your friends with never-ending wedding planning. Instead, hire a professional planner, discuss your theme with them, and enjoy the rest of your nuptials. A pro would handle things better than makeshift helpers.

  • Set up a themed photo booth
  • You cannot imagine a wedding without lots and lots of photos. If you want to bring something non-traditional to your wedding, set up a beautiful photo booth. Create a pretty backdrop according to your theme and let your guests capture their memories there. It will also save them from the boredom that guests usually feel at the time of the couple’s photoshoot.

    A themed wedding is synonymous with excitement, fun, and joy. It is only possible when you are prepared well. It involves good planning and execution of the plan. Follow these tips and have a non-tacky themed wedding that pleases everyone.