Warm Weather Wedding Tips

It’s no wonder that summer is such a popular time of year for weddings – your chances of getting rained on drops sizably, family vacation time is being cashed in, and you can almost guarantee a sunny day of happiness and frolic. The only problem is the potential for some serious warm weather. You don’t want your guests fried and flustered during your nuptials, so plan ahead! Here are some tips for beating the heat during your warm weather wedding:  
Shade it Up When you’re evaluating your wallet for your outdoor wedding, it might be easy to check “No” when you’re asked about optional tenting, but you should think about the shade opportunities of your space. If the weather gets severe enough, and you haven’t provided any shade, dehydrated guests will start dropping in energy, and fast. If you can’t pull off the tent, make sure there are umbrellas or trees or other sources of ample shade for your guests. At a more formal affair, you might even consider distributing individual shady umbrellas to your guests. Use the Programs Venues during the summertime (especially those without central air) tend to get a little warm. Many of the places where you find wedding stationary will likely have program hand fans – programs printed right on to hand-held fans for your guests. You can make them available at the front of your ceremony space or have your ushers distribute them. They’re fun and bright and might just keep everyone cool enough to live through the ceremony.

  1. Make some Baskets
    Courtesy baskets are an optional collection of goodies that many couples provide for their guests either in their hotel or during the reception. Though these baskets usually sport mouthwash and safety pins, think about also offering bottles of water and sunscreen (especially for out of town guests who might not have thought about it). Tie the baskets with ribbon that matches your wedding colors to keep everything cohesive and the baskets won’t look out of place at all. Your guests will thank you when an afternoon of sun doesn’t leave them looking a lobster-fied!