Symbolism and Tradition: Your Claddagh Cake Topper

Get Your Irish on with a Claddagh Cake Topper

Claddagh Cake Topper

The Irish “Claddagh” ring is rooted with deep symbolism and meaning for those who wear it. It has come to not only denote friendship and love, but a strong sense of Irish pride. You don’t have to be Irish to wear a Claddagh ring, however – and the same goes for the popular Claddagh cake topper.   For your wedding, consider the beautiful meaning and symbolism of a Claddagh cake topper. Though the ring originated in Claddagh, Ireland, the symbol has permeated cultures around the world. Let your Claddagh cake topper mean as much as your wedding rings – why shouldn’t it? A Claddagh cake topper, much like the ring itself, is a symbol of marriage, love, and friendship. The heart of the Claddagh cake topper represents love, while the hands denote friendship and the crown symbolizes loyalty. All elements of a wedding are deeply rooted in symbolism, and your Claddagh cake topper fits the bill. Though you won’t be able to position it to the specificity that you might be able to do to a ring (I’m afraid that the heart points to where it wants – there’s no finger to position it on to denote your relationship status!), it works just the same. We’ll just assume that your Claddagh cake topper is on your left hand, pointed toward you – you are taken, after all!