Why Have A Spring Wedding?

Why Have A Spring Wedding?

When the wedding bells ring, you might hear everyone suggesting pulling off a spring wedding. Many people wonder why this idea is everyone’s favorite. Well, there are so many reasons to have a spring celebration and today we are listing just a few of them. Have a look!

Reasons to Have a Spring Wedding

  • Breathtaking Flowers

  • Flowers are an integral part of weddings and it seems impossible to imagine nuptials without charismatic florals. Springs are the best for having blooming flowers in vibrant colors all-around at your ceremony, reception, entrance, and everywhere you can think of! You will have plenty of options to choose from including peonies, ranunculus, hellebore, baby’s breath, succulents, and amaranthus.

  • Longer, Cooler Days

  • Want a majestic daytime celebration but don’t want the scorching heat of the sun to ruin all your plans? A spring wedding is the best idea for you to celebrate your big day when the days are long and cool. What else do longer days bring? Lots of photos! There is no need to rush to get some pictures before the daylight bids farewell, and you get to use the magical golden hour.

  • Perfect for Outdoor Weddings

  • This season is the perfect time for outdoor weddings. During spring, the temperature is the most appropriate, neither going too high nor too low. This is the sweet spot to get all your spring wedding ideas implemented for both day and night celebrations.

    Spring Wedding Tips

    Here are some amazing spring wedding tips that can make your wedding a timeless event channeling the magic of the season.

    • Spring-themed decor: When pulling off a spring wedding, align your decor with the theme. 
    • Fresh food: Add a lot of freshly grown in-season fruits and vegetables to the menu to reflect the freshness of the season.
    • Spring wedding cake: Spring-themed wedding cakes are yet another centerpiece that can elevate your event. Let the frosting reflect the freshness of the season with vibrant colors, florals, and eye-catching cake topper designs!

    The beautiful season of spring symbolizes new beginnings, a fresh start, and rebirth. It is perfectly synonymous with the newlyweds’ emotions while entering a new chapter in life. So why not realize the idea of having an enchanting spring wedding?