What Are The Best Colors For A Spring Wedding?

What Are The Best Colors For A Spring Wedding?

Your wedding will be one of the most important events of your life, so it needs to be perfect – from the colors and decor to the menu and from the music to photographs. When planning a spring wedding, the first thing that comes to mind is the plethora of vibrant colors. If you are baffled about what spring color palette to feature in your celebration, here are our recommendations.

Spring Wedding Color Ideas

Commonly, soft and delicate shades are prominent in this season’s aesthetics; however, with the changing trends, we can now see innovative spring wedding color ideas. The combination of vibrant and delicate shades makes the spring wedding a phenomenal celebration for all. 

  • Turquoise and Gold

  • Gold and turquoise present the perfect blend of eloquence and freshness. They rank among the most magnificent and captivating spring wedding colors.

  • All Shades of Pink

  • Pink seems to be a staple spring wedding color. If you love these tones, you can generously include them on your big day. The best part is, that there is no limitation on shades. From subtle baby pink to using lovely blush tones, all fully complement a spring wedding. 

  • Peach, Yellow, and Pink

  • The elegance of a bouquet filled with the most gorgeous spring wedding colors of pink, peach, and yellow flowers is unmatchable. To elevate the feel, the bridesmaids can also wear any of these colors and the bride can add accessories that fit this palette!

  • Lavender and Green

  • Nothing conveys the beauty of the late spring season more than a stunning combination of lavender and green. You can experiment with a blend of slightly lighter and brighter shades of lavender tones with bright green. This picture-perfect combination looks stunning, from the flowers and invitation cards to the cake and overall decor.

  • Bright Yellow and Blue

  • Yellow is yet another color that is full of life and freshness – especially the brighter shades. Do not step back from adding a touch of bright yellow and blue to your soft and subtle decor. It will definitely add life to your color palette with a bold yet elegant and stylish touch. 

    Ready to make a statement by using some of these palettes for your wedding? Spring wedding colors can be included in a number of ways besides the dress and flowers. Think out of the box and make your love celebration an event that would be memorable for the rest of your life.