What Is A Bridal Hankie?

What Is A Bridal Hankie?

Weddings are more than social gatherings and celebrations. They have so many sentiments and emotions attached to them through the seemingly ordinary traditions that make them momentous. Although it is an important event for both bride and groom, the bride usually gets the most attention in terms of her prep and all minor and major details. The bridal hankie is one of those notable details. 

Origin of the bridal hankie tradition

The fascinating tradition of the bridal handkerchief dates back to ancient times. There are contrasting views about where and how this tradition started that became a sensation even after hundreds of years. Some believe that it is associated with ancient Rome when brides used to wear scented handkerchiefs around their necks. 

Others support the view that bridal handkerchiefs are special and trendy because they preserve the precious tears of the bride. The tears are precious as it is believed that the bride who cries on her wedding day does not cry again in her life over her marriage. So, if she cries, the bridal hankie becomes a token of the bride's happy marriage. In some families, the hankie becomes an heirloom, adding more to their value. 

A Timeless yet Modern Trend

The bridal handkerchief is one of the popular wedding trends that evolved over time and prevailed. It is an integral part of classic celebrations nowadays with a stylish touch. These hankies might contain the bride's name, initials, wedding date, wedding vow, or a poem embroidered on them. This makes them precious, serving as a memorial of the beautiful event for the couple.

Usually, a close friend, a relative, or a family member gifts this personalized handkerchief to the bride. This way, it becomes a memorable wedding gift for her, carrying a personal attachment. People sometimes combine it with another traditional practice called “something blue” by either buying a blue handkerchief or getting it embroidered in blue. 

The simple wedding traditions become a heartwarming practice when personalized with pure sentiments and emotions. Bridal hankies are also one of those close to heart classic trends that serve as a keepsake of this special chapter. Couples keep it as a treasure of beautiful memories and pass it on to the next generations.