How Do You Honor Your Mom On Your Wedding Day?

How Do You Honor Your Mom On Your Wedding Day?

Weddings are always full of overflowing emotions, cheers, peals of laughter, tears of joy, and gazes of love. As a bride, you might get teary-eyed with overwhelming emotions. Another person who is as happy and emotional as you is your mother who has been dreaming of seeing you in your bridal dress for a very long time. That being said, do not forget to honor your mom and her emotions during this beautiful event of your life.

Ideas to Honor your Mom

  • Get Some Special Photos

  • Whether a picture is worth a thousand words or not, it definitely is worth thousands of different emotions that cannot be expressed in words. While you are excited to get your photographs in the most striking poses, make sure to take some special mother-daughter pictures. Ask your photographer to take some candid, as well as planned photos, to capture the purity of love between you and your mother. 

  • A Sentimental Wedding Gift

  • Although your wedding day is your time to receive some amazing gifts from your family and friends, a great way to honor your mom is to give her something sentimental. It can be a handwritten letter, a framed photo, an album of your special moments with her, or even the smallest thing that will make her happy. Note to your photographer to have her reaction captured when she is receiving the gift.

  • Incorporate Her Wedding Attire

  • Want to make your mom relive her nuptial memories? What about wearing her bridal dress, jewelry, veil, shoes, or a family heirloom on your wedding day? This would make her feel honored and give a sentimental touch to your “something borrowed” trend.  

  • Walking Down The Aisle

  • When you are ready to walk down the aisle with your father beside you, call your mom to join you and witness the pure joy on her face. This would be a great surprise to make her feel honored on your big day.

    Doing something special to honor your mom on your big day would be a wonderful way to acknowledge the love and care that she had been pouring on you throughout her life. If needed, walk the extra mile to involve her in the most precious manner.