How To Plan A Bridgerton Tea Party Bridal Shower

How To Plan A Bridgerton Tea Party Bridal Shower

The nation's obsession with the series is clearly not fading, and this infatuation looks set to continue for some time. If you are a Bridgerton obsessed bride to be, you might be planning a Bridgerton bridal shower. An elegant tea party is a perfect way to enjoy some hors d’oeuvres with hot tea and feel like a member of British high society. Here is how you can pull off this idea seamlessly. 

Select The Perfect Venue

First things first; you need to find a venue that fits your budget and aligns with your theme. It is not necessary to choose an expensive lavish space for this event. You can arrange the bridal shower at your home if you have a beautiful backyard or rent a venue big enough to accommodate your guest list. Whatever option you choose, make sure that it reflects the theme of your Bridgerton bridal shower characterized by art, elegance, and delicacy. 

Set A Dress Code

An important aspect of the Bridgerton style bridal shower is the dress code. Set a theme that perfectly reflects Bridgerton’s style, fashion, and timelessness. You can find dress and accessories ideas on the internet and you can design these yourself or hire a designer. Why not arrange for complimentary jewelry and accessories to be provided for your guests to wear!

Themed Decoration

The decoration of the venue is crucial to set the stage for a Bridgerton wedding and bridal shower. Choose the decorative flowers carefully to match your theme. Pay attention to other accessories such as invitations, tablecloths, candles, utensils, etc. Search the internet to find creative tea party ideas to complement a Bridgerton bridal shower.

Decide On The Menu

As you look through the different tea party ideas, you will likely come across scrumptious food items to include in your high tea menu. It is important to serve your guests some delicious food at the end of the day to truly add to the Bridgerton style experience.

Are you ready for your remarkable Bridgerton bridal shower? Ensure you consider every detail so that your event showcases the exact vibe you want. You can add as many features as you want, depending on your budget and plan. But, above all make sure to enjoy your day to the fullest.