Wedding cakes have a long mesmerizing history

Wedding cakes have a long mesmerizing history. They are an integral part of folklore and heritage. Gradually, they became an inseparable element of every wedding ceremony. In fact this is one tradition present in one form or another in almost every culture, albeit with some variations. In the United States and Western countries, for example, the wedding cake is traditionally frosted with elegant white frosting and has lots of floral decorations. Then classically at the top of the wedding cake are a husband and wife. The couple is called the wedding cake topper. The custom of a wedding cake began in ancient Rome as a loaf of wheat or barley cake (bread). The bride and groom ate a bite of the cake, then the groom broke the cake over the bride's head. By the 1700s, a sweet cake with soft white icing was popular. In 1840, Queen Victoria's wedding cake was covered with a stiff white icing that's still called "royal icing." The queen's cake was made in layers, so that became the fashion. In contemporary contexts, the concept of ‘Dream Wedding’ may well mean different things to different couples. One bride may envision a small ceremony on the beach complete with nique wedding favors that coordinate with the beach theme. Another bride may wish for a large cathedral wedding with all of the formal trimmings. No matter what your "Dream Wedding" entails, Wedding Collectibles is here to help your dreams become a reality. We offer a broad and unique selection of unique wedding favors, wedding figurines, cheap cake topper, and wedding accessories.