Get a custom made wedding cake topper to match your tastes

It would be quite interesting to take a look at the intriguing evolution of cake toppers that have now become an invariable element of every wedding celebration. The cake topper had become fashionable by the 1890s and found place in elaborate wedding ceremony arrangements. It could be a beautiful bell or initials or a captivating cupid or simply a bride and groom representation. They became more common in the 1920s. There was also a reflection of the contemporary times in their design. For example, wedding cakes often carried grooms dressed in uniform as toppers during the period of World War II. A cake topper had almost turned into an integral element of a wedding cake by the 1950s. Grooms then might be in top hat and tails, whereas brides also followed the wedding-dress fashions of the times. Now you can find several imaginative expressions in creatively conceived toppers. Those, who wish to impart a sweet and romantic touch, go for ravishing red roses. In essence, your taste and style quotient should ideally reflect in the wedding cake topper selection. Thanks to a touch of innovation, this ubiquitous wedding day accessory has indeed become unique as you would discover with wide options available on weddingcollectibles. You can secure your coveted cake topper to match your tastes just with the click of a button. These can vary greatly in content, themes, details and materials. You may opt for a custom made wedding cake topper that jells with your wedding theme.