Tips for arranging layered or multi-tiered wedding cakes – part II

There are around three or four tiers in a majority of stacked wedding cakes. In fact, putting in layers instead of one big, single layered cake has been quite popular as a trend. In the previous blog, we worked out initial steps for arranging a layered or multi-tiered wedding cake.  We continue from where we left off:
  • Having placed the markings at the corners of an imaginary a square within the measured diameter, a wooden dowel is pushed through a marking on the bottom cake until it touches the cake board base.
  • Next, mark the precise height of the bottom cake on the dowel. Take it out of the cake. The next step involves cutting the removed dowel off at the marked height with a craft knife.
  • Repeat measuring the (bottom) cake layer height – carefully marking and cutting the balance three dowels. In the end, all four dowels are of the same length. This is according to the bottom cake height.
  • Push the dowels into the wedding cake where the bottom layer carries the holes. Leave them in the cake. Put the second cake board (according to the size) on the work surface.
  • Sprinkle icing. Put the next cake layer on the new cake board. Here the earlier the measuring & dowel cutting procedure is repeated depending on the number of layers of the cake.
  • Stack together all the layers. Decorate the cake. (The final layer is not measured.) Work on each layer separately to avoid causing any damage to them.