How to arrange layered or multi-tiered wedding cakes – part I

Wedding cakes, as you frequently must have seen, are made of several individual cakes. These individual layers are stacked elegantly and delicately - on top of each other – to add to their appeal as well as overall look and feel. This is not a new trend. Just to elaborate, each stacked cake layer is termed a tier. These fine finished stacked cakes appear as if they are just set put on top of one another. This actually is not the case because if that was so, they would simply crumble under the weight. Layered or multi-tiered wedding cakes are stacked in such a way that the layers below get the necessary support. This is how they can be arranged to add to their beauty and appeal. Step 1: Put on the work surface the largest cake board. Step 2: Spread a bit of luscious icing right on the center of the board. Then place on the board the biggest cake layer. The icing holds it in place. Step 3: Mark the diameter of the cake’s second layer carefully just on the top of the (bottom) layer that is already put on the cake board. Step 4: Make a mark on the bottom layer using a toothpick or some other sharp object. Here the dowels will be arranged. Step 5: Visualize a square within the measured diameter. Now mark the four corners of the square. Place the markings at these corners.