Love is in the Air: Using Heart Symbolism

 Love is in the Air <3

The heart shape being associated and used to represent love -more particularly romantic love- starting in the 15th century and became popular by the 16th century. Now the concept of love and deep emotion cannot really be separated from the heart shape. The heart is the symbol of love. Wedding Collectibles Double Heart Cake Top With weddings being all about love, it is more than likely that a heart or two will show up in your wedding decor and accessories. Using heart symbols at your wedding is an effortless way to bring in romance, butterfly feelings, and googly-eye gazing into your wedding. My Love Stylized Heart Cake Topper With your wedding cake topper being at one of the keystones of wedding traditions, a heart cake topper can be a perfect way to showcase that heart symbolism. The above cake toppers both feature ceramic hearts, but say forever in different ways. The first, "Double Heart Cake Top" features two hearts that almost seem to meld together at their foundation and stand together side by side. This can be representative of the two hearts being united, and becoming one - if not in entity, then in foundation or purpose. The second, "My Love Stylized Heart Cake Topper", features a single heart but with knotted at its base. The knot, like the heart, is a long time symbol of love and marriage, but it is more specifically a symbol of trust, unity, and strength. While their variations are slight, each will help create a tone that will be unique to your wedding. Wedding Collectibles Interlocking Heart Flutes Other wedding accessories such as toasting glasses, guest books, candle holders, and wedding cake serving sets are opportunities to add that little heart touch and take advantage of the symbolism that comes with the heart. Wedding Collectibles Crystal Heart Ribbon Wedding Guestbook and Pen Set One of the great things about using a heart theme or heart decor is that you really are not restricted to pinks and reds. The rosier tones may be expected, but that may even be to your advantage and make your wedding stand out when you use a hearts theme without the typical heart colors.