How to create wonderful Wedding favors for guests?

The market is flooded with wedding favor options. Any bride will find favors according to her needs. Once you find gifts of your choice for your guests, the next question is how you will give them away. The manner in which you want to distribute your favors will essentially depend on the favors, the kind of wedding and the number of guests attending the ceremony. Given below are some options that you may find suitable. The most common way to share the gifts is by placing the favor at every guest’s individualized setting. This way, your gifts are distributed and you also have a decoration set for your wedding. If you are using decorative chairs, you can attach the favor to the back of the chair with a bow. This will add a nice decorative touch to the setting. Another way is to appoint an usher to stand at the entrance and hand over the favors. This adds a personal touch to the whole exercise. The usher can also distribute the gifts when every body is seated. The bride and the groom can hand over the gifts personally. You can thank the guests personally for coming. This is the best way to give the favors but time consuming.