What is considered an engagement season?

What is considered an engagement season?

You have probably come across the phrase “engagement season” recently. Well, ‘tis the season to be merry and jolly but also to propose! Don’t you just adore all the love in the air? So many big questions being popped! There is some magic about the winter months that bring people together, create the perfect cozy vibes and remind people what life is all about - love!

When is the Engagement Season and how to prepare for it?

From Thanksgiving to Valentine’s day there is an impressive number of couples choosing to take their relationship to the next level. However, Valentine's day, itself, is known to be the day when most engagements happen. But, many people choose other days as they prefer to keep it low-key, or simply want to surprise their partner. You must’ve also witnessed engagements happening all across social media already!

If you aren’t engaged still, there is a high chance that it is going to happen during the engagement season, so how to prepare for it? In essence, you never know when the time may turn around for you too. But, it's always better to stay prepared, right? 

  • Discuss the ring style
  • Some couples are open enough to discuss these details with each other rather than getting it wrong at the end. So, if you’re comfortable discussing this with your partner, do it. If you are worried that it will ruin the surprise for you, you might be surprised by the other effects this may induce. Being open and comfortable will strengthen your bond and break the ice of tension.

  • Drop hints
  • If you want to keep it as it is and expect a surprise, at least drop hints for your partner about the kind of ring you’ve always admired. Try using your Pinterest board or Instagram stories for this purpose and plan your activity strategically. Your partner might be stressed and unsure whether you two are on the same page so this will ease their mind and make them confident.

  • Prep your nails
  • Better to be always ready than sorry! Prep your nails, book a day at the spa, and pamper yourself - plus, it will relax you from all the festive activities.

    In the end, our best tip is to focus on yourself the most. Get your nails done, follow a proper skincare routine, and focus on looking good throughout this engagement season. You never know when THE question may pop!