How Do You Have a Good Winter Wedding?

How Do You Have a Good Winter Wedding?

A marriage in the colder months is a magical celebration of love and romance. However, when hosting a winter wedding you need to consider a few extra things that need to be taken care of.

If you're one of those people looking for some tips to help everything run smoothly, we have some for you. So, let’s begin by adding some warmth to your big day to make it as cozy as you want it to be. 

Choosing the Perfect Indoor Venue

The venue will set the tone of your winter wedding, so choose a space that is aligned with your theme. Some indoor venues feature their own decor, and thus it is important to consider how you can elevate it or tailor the aesthetic to fit your style. The crucial element here would be to make sure the space will be warm. Some venues require additional heating, like barns.

Make Seasonal Invitation Cards

Winters offer so many opportunities to customize your event. So, out of all the wedding tips, one of the best is to style some gorgeous invitations using your snowy theme. You could choose warm colors alongside some frosty designs. On another note, you can go for a festive holiday theme, or even feature a frosty aesthetic all the way with ice blue hues!

Keep Winter Accessories With You

Opt for all the necessary accessories to stay protected from extreme cold. So, make sure to keep overcoats and mufflers with you all the time. Your venue will be warm but those magical winter wonderland wedding photos you long for will require an extra wrap or a coat to keep you comfortable!

PRO TIP: wear thick tights under your dress for an extra layer of warmth. They won’t be visible and yet they will keep you protected. Trust us, you will thank us later!

Choose a Velvet Chic Attire 

To express the groom’s elegance and his personality, choose stylish attire tailored to fit the colder months. When hosting a winter wedding it is important to think about staying safe, warm, and healthy. So, consider choosing a velvet blazer with a thick fabric. It'll keep your partner safe from the cold while still offering a classic look.

Winter Flavors for a Seasonal Cake

Think about all those yummy layers of flavors in terms of cinnamon, maybe peppermint, and even add some liquor or bourbon to make an impressive statement! Decorate it with a winter-themed topper, floral designs, or fruits. If you are looking for something traditional to complete the dessert table, then gingerbread cookies are the perfect choice. Who could say no to them?

Decorate the Ceremony or Reception Space with Candles

Having a wedding décor integrated with scented and customized candles around will create an enchanting atmosphere. It will definitely add a lot of wonderful vibes to your big day! Thus, one of the best ideas is to add more and more candles to the venue. Just make sure that the venue permits that.

Offer Winter-themed Favors

We love a good creative idea when it comes to this season and favors! Impress your guests with holiday-scented candles, pinecones that will serve as decor in their home, edible favors, beautifully designed mugs, or ornaments. Whatever you choose, trust us, you will amaze your friends and family!

We hope all these above wedding tips will help you have a grand winter wedding this season! Which one is your favorite?