What is a Wedding Lazo?

What is a Wedding Lazo?

A wedding Lazo is one of the most romantic unity ceremonies that symbolize the union of two souls into one. This nuptial tradition is a unique way to celebrate the binding love and admiration between partners. Couples from Mexico, Latin countries (Catholic or non-Catholic), and the Philippines usually incorporate this romantic custom in their love celebrations to signify their commitment, deep affection, and fondness for each other.

The wedding Lazo, as the name suggests, is a long rope decorated with beautiful flowers, rosary beads, and ribbons. It is wrapped around the bride and groom’s shoulders symbolizing the ∞ symbol. This infinity symbol is a reflection of their eternal commitment, everlasting union, and limitless love. It indicates their transition from single life to happily-ever-after and till death do us part. In some Catholic cultures, the symbol 8 represents new beginnings.

The romantic unity ceremony is supervised by either the officiant or the couple’s parents after exchanging their marriage vows. To create a visually striking appearance, some newlyweds opt for real floral lassos. The best part? Your design options are endless and you can customize them according to your theme to complement the aesthetic.

After the Lazo has been placed over the couple’s shoulders, the officiant or Los Padrinos de Lazo says a prayer to bless the newlyweds and to wish them all the health, happiness, and love in the world. It is such a special moment!

After the ceremony, the priest removes the Lazo from the couple's shoulders and hands it over to them. You can treasure it as a wonderful keepsake in your house. It will forever remind you of the most special moments of your life; the day when you said “I do” to your beloved and the day when the two of you were tied in a beautiful knot of marriage. Many couples also use it to pray the rosary together for blessings and to honor their love for one another.

Unity ceremonies are becoming extremely popular in the wedding industry and we’re all for them! The wedding Lazo is a phenomenal way to symbolize your love and commitment. If you are looking for some unique unity ceremony ideas for the most special day of your life, Lazo is the perfect option for you!