What should I do before getting engaged?

What should I do before getting engaged?

When couples get engaged, that brings a lot of joy and intimate vibes. However, before you actually propose, it can pull in a lot of responsibilities, questions, and confusion. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one having second thoughts. But to make it easier, you might want to consider answering a few questions for yourself. In the end, you’ll know what to do next! 

  • What Does Your Gut Say?

Well, it’s not about your nervous gut feeling happening at the moment. It’s about all the feelings that you have been feeling all along and how much they have grown since you first met. Do you really feel love, compatibility, admiration, and respect for your partner? Make a difference between liking, lust, and profound love. If you truly love that person, then start searching for all the proposal and engagement tips that will help you pop the big question flawlessly!

  • Did you get ‘THE ONE’ feeling?

When it comes to spending the rest of your life with someone, making eternal devotion, and being there for one another in sickness and in health; your inner feeling is the crucial thing that will make you feel confident. No matter how much pressure you put on your brain upon thinking whether your partner’s perfect or not for you (no one is, though), if they love you enough, or are you guys compatible or not - in the end, it's going to be the heart that decides. 

Let your heart do the talking and make that decision for you. It is quite plain really, just think whether you have that 'THE ONE' feeling for your loved one or not? If you do, it’s time to propose and become an engaged couple!

Engagement Tips: Things you need to note down before making the final decision.

Planning, proposing, spending, wedding… These are words that will pop up in your mind but don’t be too pressured about it. If you think that nothing is too much when it comes to your beloved, then you are on the right track. But also it is vital to know that you won’t be alone for everything and that you will still be a team - only stronger.

Before getting engaged, have in mind how you both respond to the upcoming stress of planning a wedding, whether you respect your right to disagree upon something, analyze how well you both would balance the chores in the household, whether you have similar goals for the future, etc. All of these will clear the confusion of whether you see yourself