What Flowers Have The Best Symbolism In A Wedding?

What Flowers Have The Best Symbolism In A Wedding?

The bouquet you hold walking down the aisle has a deeper meaning. In fact, flowers have been used as a symbol for generations, and each one has a unique meaning. 

Many brides and grooms will consider this when choosing their bouquets and wedding florals. Flowers have a "language" that has existed for ages. For instance, they were used during Victorian times to express feelings when words and gestures failed. Today, many couples continue this romantic tradition by creating bouquets and centerpieces with blooms that are meaningful to them. 

Below are some of the most common florals used in bouquets. This list will help you choose the best flowers for your big day! 

Roses - exude love and abundance

Without a doubt, roses are one of the most popular wedding flowers, and for a good reason; their beauty is unrivaled. These blooms are a sign of love and passion. Perfect for a wedding. You can't go wrong with these sweet-smelling beauties, and you can carry them on your own or include them in a large garden of blossoms.

Orchids - Seamless luxury and beauty

Surprisingly, orchids are considered the ideal flower for a couple planning to have a family soon. They represent both fecundity, elegance, and luxury. Any bride who holds them will exude love and grace. Exotic beauty, sophistication, thoughtfulness, and charm are also attributes associated with the orchid.

Lavender - Devotion is what you need

These delicately scented buds to add a subtle touch to any bouquet. Lavender is common in aromatherapy practices and will help you relax before your wedding. You should pick this flower for more than its lovely purple hue and perfume. Allow it to have a place in your arrangements because of this flower's meaning: devotion and goodness.

Carnation - Gratitude, affection, and fascination

If you can't decide on a color you like, carnations are a popular flower to choose from because they come in various colors. White represents pure love, while pink represents thankfulness. The carnation is a fantastic choice because this wedding flower means love.

You don't have to choose your flowers solely based on their appearance! Choose a flower that has a special meaning for you and your future spouse so that you never forget this unique element of your wedding. Experiment with different textures and choose the wedding florals that match your marriage aspirations.