What does cutting the cake at a wedding symbolize?

What does cutting the cake at a wedding symbolize?

A decadent wedding cake marks the sweet start to your happily-ever-after, adds a statement to your decor, and gives the guests and yourself a lovely tradition to enjoy. But before you start planning the design, details, and the wedding cake toppers, we’re sure the symbolic representation of a cake cutting at a wedding crossed your mind. So, here’s a little look back into the history and importance of this confection.


Back in Roman times, the groom broke bread over the bride’s head to signify her loss of virginity. This eventually morphed into wheat cakes, and then to the more indulgent cakes with different frosting, designs, numerous stacks and wedding cake toppers we see today. 

However, the tradition of just the bride cutting the cake changed only during Victorian times. That’s when grooms put their hands over the brides’ to signify his support and joint responsibility to the marriage. 

Modern Outlook & Symbolic Importance: 

Many symbols are associated with the cake cutting ceremony. Here are a few popular ones:

  • It’s said that the newlyweds should kiss over the cake stack, if they succeed, they’ll have many children. 
  • The ingredients are of the highest quality to signify a long-lasting, strong, and happy partnership. 
  • Another tradition dictates to save the top tier of the cake for the first anniversary or a christening ceremony brings good fortune. 
  • The white colour of the cake is simply symbolic of the bride being the main focal point in a wedding. 
  • Further, cutting this symbolic dessert is the first activity a newly married couple does together and it’s thought to be good luck for the couples and all those who eat it. 
  • Last but not the least, the bride & groom feeding the cake to each other symbolises their commitment to their relationship. 

While some couples value it as a good luck tradition, others just indulge in this activity for sheer fun. Nonetheless, the cake is valued. A gorgeous wedding cake decked up with endearing wedding cake toppers can often be seen standing in a place of honour at the reception. It is viewed in awe by couple and guests alike, especially when it comes to personalized wedding cake toppers!

No matter what your reason is to have this customary dessert on your big day, if there’s one thing that can accentuate its beauty, it is opting for unique wedding cake toppers. But also the classical bride and groom wedding cake toppers can equally be striking! Jump straight to our collections page and find the one that’s the ideal pick for your glorious union.