How Do I Choose A Wedding Cake Topper?

How Do I Choose A Wedding Cake Topper?

Cutting the wedding cake is a milestone moment of the wedding, and the couple’s relationship as well. That’s why plenty of time is spent in finding the right cake. Besides the taste, color, and design, there’s one more thing that can add personality to your wedding cake - it’s none other than a wedding cake topper.

Unlike the entire delectable dessert that will be devoured on and reminisced only through the pictures - a unique wedding cake topper can actually be kept as a keepsake and aid in branding your wedding. But, if you’re wondering how do I choose the perfect wedding cake topper for your big day, you’re in luck, because we’re narrowing down a step-by-step guide to pick the ideal one! 

Think About The Wedding Theme

Choosing a topper for a cake is like choosing curtains matching with the furniture. Basically, if you make the right choice - the theme of your wedding day will come alive. So, an elegant calligraphy topper is suited for a romantic, elegant theme, but a colourful, peppy one if the theme is all about bright, vibrant hues. Always keep the big picture in mind, even while choosing a minute yet important detail, like a lovely wedding cake topper. 

See If It Complements Your Cake

The right topper choice can elevate the whole look of your wedding cake with minimal effort. For example, bride and groom wedding cake toppers can be the perfect extra for your special cake moment! Approach the cake and topper decision as an integrated choice. Speak to your baker, and let them pitch in their valuable ideas, or let your artistic flair do the job. 

Choose One That You Love & Want To Keep As A Souvenir

The best thing about toppers is you can have them as a keepsake, and take them out on anniversaries to reminisce the beautiful memories. To make it last, we’d advise choosing one that’s sturdy and with a base for easier placement on any cake. Most importantly, go for personalized wedding cake toppers that you know will be cherished for years to come. 

Have a look at our exclusive collection of wedding cake toppers, and you’ll find the one that resonates with your special day theme. It will certainly be a privilege to become a part of your big day!