What do you do with the cake topper after the wedding?

What do you do with the cake topper after the wedding?

Wedding cake toppers aren’t just a prized possession to cherish forever from your special day. While all the other tangible aspects of your wedding will be gone with the day, only to have reminisced through pictures; personalized wedding cake toppers can be held as a souvenir or a lovely heirloom. If you’re confused about what to do with it though, here are 4 possible ways to use it in your married life:

House Decor

Place your unique wedding cake topper in a shadow box frame and place it in any one of the key places of your home. It can also be framed in the living room, or placed as a centrepiece. You can also keep it in your bedroom or your first child’s nursery. Another great place is the dresser, so every time you catch a glance, you’re taken back to the sweet memories of your special day. 

Anniversary Cakes Or Any Other Milestone Moments

If you have one of the general wedding cake toppers, you can use it on any of your special occasions, like on anniversaries, or gender reveal party of your children, etc. We wouldn’t suggest taking it out often, or making it as the main cake topper, but just to add a special and emotional touch to a milestone celebration. 

Personalized wedding cake toppers - monograms!

You can design various floral centrepieces with a chic adornment like your topper, and repurpose it as decor for your table - especially if it is a single initial or monogram. Use it as a part of the decor or for special occasions and holidays as a symbol of your growing family.

Make It A Family Heirloom

Timeless bride and groom wedding cake toppers figurines can be carefully saved to use as a family heirloom. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see it on your first born’s wedding cake? It could be their something old, and something borrowed. They’d be surely thrilled to accommodate the nostalgia and unmatched romance on their momentous day.  

The sentimental value attached to wedding cake toppers is undeniable. Repurpose, and make them a part of your milestone moments to celebrate with these lovely keepsakes. For timeless, sturdy, and eye-catching toppers, do check out our full collection and order yours today!