How Do You Show A Cake Topper After The Wedding?

How Do You Show A Cake Topper After The Wedding?

When it comes to planning your wedding celebrations, no detail is too small to ignore, including a wedding cake topper. When chosen wisely, the cake topper can enhance the theme of your special day and accentuate the aesthetic of the decadent cake. But, unlike the cake that will be finished off as it’s cut, you can keep it as a keepsake. There are many fun & special ways to incorporate this souvenir after the special day is over. Here are four of them: 

#1 Home Decor

There are just so many ways you can include your wedding cake topper into the house decor. Use it as a floral centerpiece on the dining table, keep it on your dresser, place it in a shadow box and hang it somewhere in the living room. Or, you can even put it inside a fish tank!

#2 Placing it in your firstborn’s room

It’s a beautiful feeling to be pregnant and have your first child. Of course, you’d be decorating their room, so why not include a memento in their room that signifies the growing relationship between you & your partner? You can stick the cake topper on the wall or place it in a shadow box!

#3 Pass it on

How about keeping the wedding cake topper secure and give it to your first offspring that gets married? It’d be so special to see a souvenir from your wedding on his/ her special day. Plus, it could serve as something old. 

#4 Build A Keepsake Stand

You can build a personalized keepsake stand in your house and place the cake topper there. The stand can include some other pieces from your relationship moments too, like a handmade gift or a polaroid picture of a random, special moment, etc. 

In contrast to other elements of your wedding decor, a cake topper can easily serve as a memento and bring back beautiful memories whenever you look at it. If you’re sold on the idea of keeping it preserved, we’ve got a wide range of elegant and sturdy toppers, do check them out here.