What Are Some Popular Locations For A Destination Wedding?

What Are Some Popular Locations For A Destination Wedding?

Destination weddings are a great way to make this iconic milestone a timeless event. When planning to have one, the most important decision is made regarding the choice of destination wedding location. The place you choose will become the host of your most precious memories. 

Not sure where you would like to tie the knot? Below you will discover the most popular destination wedding locations in the world that may prove to be perfect for your story.

Popular Destination Wedding Locations

Phuket, Thailand

If you are planning a winter escape to a warm and alluring beach scenery, this might be the ideal destination wedding location for you. Phuket is a beautiful island that offers a lot of iconic views to make your day memorable. You can find delicious food and breathtaking resorts for your dreamy wedding. Additionally, the best time to host your celebration is from November to February.

Brooklyn, New York

This lively and vibrant place is a popular tourist attraction and an ideal location to get married. Regardless of whether you wish to convey an urban aesthetic or classic elegance, Brooklyn is the perfect place to transform your destination wedding ideas into reality. 

Lombardy, Italy

If you love the iconic backdrops featuring the stunning Italian lakes, you might love Lombardy. There are a number of picturesque options to choose from, paired with the most amazing cuisine and wine. The best months are May, June, or September. 

Rhode Island, USA

The eye-catching beauty of this amazing place is well suited for an outdoor wedding. Rhode Island is the perfect location for spring and fall weddings. If you envisioned a coastal wedding, there are a plethora of waterfront venues that can help you realize your vision!

Santorini, Greece

Nothing beats the striking beauty of Santorini, Greece, when it comes to sea views and volcanic beaches. It is a popular travel destination that offers numerous venues perfect for a sunset wedding ceremony. You would most probably find this to be the ideal location to execute your beach destination wedding ideas.

Var, France

Var is known for its awe-inspiring lavender fields and beautiful weather. You can opt for this breathtaking location for a timeless spring wedding. Besides relaxing countryside spots, the seaside comes as an additional bonus. 

Hope you loved our selection. This list can go endlessly because there are a ton of places that are incredibly magical! Of course, when choosing your best destination wedding location, always consider your personal preferences and budget. Choose your dream spot wisely as it will impact all your planning process.