Top 10 Wedding Cake Serving Sets

Top 10 Wedding Cake Serving Sets

Since cake cutting is a wedding tradition favorite, there are a lot of wedding cake accessories. Really, it is those accessories that is Wedding Collectibles's specialty, focusing on wedding cake toppers. Along side toppers we have a wide variety of cake serving sets. It might seem silly to have so many different options for a server set and you may ask, "Does it matter?", but when you are cutting your cake and all eyes and cameras are on you -zoomed in on that serving set - you will be happy you picked out the perfect one. So, this week's top ten is on Cake Serving sets, with a focus on the unique and the beautiful. Enjoy!

1.  Mother of Pearl Wedding Cake Server SetBeautiful Cake Serving SetThis mother of pearl serving set starts off the group in absolute elegance. It would work with almost any wedding style, including vintage, shabby chic, country, and seaside!

2. Vintage Embossed Cake Server SetVintage Wedding Cake Server Set This vintage set is a gorgeous choice for any vintage or traditional wedding. We love the detail and the customization. This could even make a sweet anniversary gift for couples renewing vows or having an anniversary party.

3. Foundations Wedding Cake Knife and Server SetFoundations Cake Server Set The best part of this sweet and simple set is the hidden, "love always" on the server handle with the small heart.

4. Fleur de Lis Cake Server Set
Fleur de Lis Wedding This set is sure to bring in some glam to your wedding scene.

5. Enameled Wedding Cake Server Set Enameled Wedding Cake Server  This wedding cake serving set is wonderful because of its versatility. It's sweet feminine shape could find its home in almost any wedding style.

6. Porcelain Cake Serving Setweddingcakeserverset 

If you want a unique cake server, this serving set is your best bet. Made completely from porcelain with a less detail, it will stand out and make a wonderful keepsake!

7.  Silver Plated Staked Hearts Cake Serving Set 
Heart Wedding Cake Serving Set For those of you having a sweetheart wedding, we love this pick for you! It is not so obvious that it is corny, but emphasizes the idea of love and romance.

8. Brushed Rhinestone Cake Serving Set Rhinestone Cake Server This rhinestone crowned set demonstrates that sometimes simplicity is the key.

9. Porcelain Rose Bouquet Server Set  rosecakeserver 

We like this set as a traditional style of a knife and server set with a touch of femininity. This would look great at an outdoor reception!

10. Royal Cake Server Setmoderncakeservingset 

To end our Top 10 is this modern wedding cake serving set. It can be customized and will definitely add to your contemporary wedding theme.