The Pre-Nuptial Agreement

No matter how rude it may seem, prenuptial agreements are as important as the wedding itself. Prenuptial agreements are good financial planning tools. The agreement is actually binding contract between the couple about to be married. They decide on what their legal relationship will be if there is a divorce. This kind of an agreement prevents the couple from getting into expensive legal battles if there is a divorce later. A prenup helps couple decide before hand, how their property will be defined after wedding. You need to hire two lawyers one for both of you. It is better that you do not share a lawyer. The prenup agreement is usually made by people who have children from previous marriages. This way, the partner can ensure that if he or she dies, then the children are not deprived from the property. You must not force your partner to get into a prenup agreement. It must be done on good faith. It needs to be a joint decision. It is better if the legal formalities are completed some days before the wedding. You would not want to spoil your excitement by getting into legalities close to your special day. The agreement need to be signed in front of a notary public.