Some truly funny and playful wedding cake topper figurines

In the following paragraphs, we give you a glimpse of some cute African American wedding cake toppers. They serve as a perfect addition for your guestbook table, or to crown the top of your wedding cake. First of all, we recommend a fabulous African-American ‘Kissing Couple’ cake topper figurine. This stylized Kissing bride & groom is a cute contemporary twist on a deft traditional element. Just imagine, a stylized dancing couple topping your wonderful wedding cake. This captivating cake top will impart a unique elegant touch to your wedding. It is a magical memento for several years to come. Another must-have memento is an ‘embracing couple’ cake topper figurine. It is indeed fabulous. The stylized bride & groom is a blend of contemporary and traditional elements. This cake top is quite popular as it adds a classic touch to the occasion. ‘Surprised Groom’ – magical ‘Mix & Match’ cake topper is also worth collecting. This can be paired with a number of brides to give a fun twist to your cake top. You may pair him with the cell phone bride, the victorious bride, or many other Mix & Match bride figurines. An off-beat selection can be made in form of an ‘Exasperated Bride’ or ‘Gone Fishing’ Mix & Match topper. In the former, the bride here shows her frustration, but she will still stand by or beside him. The latter is equally funny and playful. It takes the saying ‘Gone Fishing’ to a different level.