Tips to get the perfect combination of a wedding cake topper and a base

Wedding cake toppers aren’t really complete without a beautiful base. In fact, to add to the overall look of the wedding cake topper, a base has to equally stylish and elegant. If you are looking to make the occasion memorable with a perfect combination of a wedding cake topper and a fabulous base, you have arrived at the right resource. You can easily customize your choice by a mix and match process to make it look really unique. From the simple looking to the extravagantly elegant types, you can go for the captivating cake topper base that’s just perfect for you. There is a wide variety of wedding cake top and base combinations to select from. Each has its own unique features. For example, a white floral cake top for a magnificent Monogram Vintage Rose Pearl base really looks wondrous. This cake topper figurine base comes with a sprig of ravishing rhinestone studded roses in a sea of fabulous faux pearls. They are accented with fine gold wiring, wrapped in moire and accented with superb silk cording. What makes this base a worthy selection is that it easily matches many of popular figurines. It serves as a lovely figurine display in your home. To make sure that your cake topper can be retained as a precious family memento, you can also opt for protective domes that facilitate storage. This will remind you of the most special occasion for years to come.