Plan an Affordable wedding

You need not have an extravagant wedding at all. If you feel that you cannot spend a fortune on your weddings then do not be disheartened. You can have a great wedding on a tight budget too. You just need to plan properly. First you will have to choose a suitable venue based on your invitees. No point booking a huge venue when you have only a handful of guests. You can also hold the reception in a friend’s backyard for a nominal amount if the weather permits. This way, you can have full access to the kitchen, tables, chairs, sitting area and restrooms without having to pay extra. You can decorate the place yourselves. You will just need to buy some decorative stuff. This will definitely be less than having a professional do it. You can create your own centerpiece and flower and candle decorations at a minimal cost. You need not spend too much on food too. You can actually arrange a potluck dinner. Your relatives and friends can get one dish per family and it will result in a fabulous meal. You can ask your mom to bake the cake. This way, you will not need to spend a huge amount on food and also have a personal touch.