Overcoming Wedding Stress

Wedding day may be your special day but that does not make it less stressful for you. In fact the stress level is at its peak. Here are a few tips to reduce your stress: •    Make sure that you have a filling and healthy breakfast. A full stomach will keep your nerves under control. It also helps you keep your stress under control. •    Make sure that you keep taking sips of water at all times. You would definitely not want to be dehydrated. •    Try to be as organized as possible. The less you leave to last minute, the better off you are. You do not need to be worried about anything on your special day. •    If you have planned your honeymoon immediately after, make sure that all your baggage is packed and your tickets are handy because you will not be able to spare even a moment to do all those afterwards. •    The night before, you must try and get proper sleep if you want to look fresh and happy. •    You need to learn to delegate as many tasks as possible if you want to lead a peaceful day. You surely do not spend your time running around on your special day. Make a conscious effort to keep stress at bay. After all it is your day and you are the star on that day!