Money saving tips at your wedding

A wedding involves a huge amount of expenditure. Here are some tips that will help you save some money. •    If you decide to get married in the off season months of January, February, March and November, then you will be able to save a lot of money.
•    If you want to wear a designer dress but your budget does not allow it, then you can think about renting. You can also opt out of having a detailed dress to save money.
•    You can buy your white shoes in summer when they are on the shelf. Later on, you will have to buy them from bridal shops where they will cost a bombshell.
•    You can choose silk flowers as fresh flowers can be expensive. Also you can preserve silk flowers as compared to fresh flowers.
•    You can check the dollar store for small items like candles and candle stands, vases and others.
•    To make your invitations more personalized, you can design them yourselves. It looks good and also saves a lot of money. There are various ways you can plan your wedding in your predefined budget. You will just have to do meticulous planning.