How Long Do The Sparklers Need To Be For My Wedding?

How Long Do The Sparklers Need To Be For My Wedding?

If you want your big day to be truly memorable, lighting it up with wedding sparklers is a great idea. They perfectly complement the radiant atmosphere of a wedding by adding to its grandeur and delight. If you want something unique and trendy, they are a perfect choice. But the question that arises among couples is how long should they be? Sparklers come in different sizes, so you can personalize them according to your vision. 

Let’s get into the details of the different wedding sparklers’ lengths. 

10” Sparklers

The smallest wedding sparklers available are 10 inches long with a burn time of around 35 seconds. These sparklers are suitable for celebrations with less than a hundred guests. With more guests, you will need a longer burning time for the perfect couple’s exit. 10” sparklers might not be good enough to create a stellar scene but, you can always use two sparklers each for over 100 guests and make it epic!

20” Sparklers

The most widely used wedding sparklers are the 20” options. They have a burning time of around two minutes, perfect for flawlessly executing an iconic wedding exit. These are ideal for a guest list of 100-150 guests. They allow the couple to walk down the sparkling lane without burning out. You can even use them for wedding sparkler writing if your photographer wants to capture some creative photos. 

36” Sparklers

The longest you can find on the market is 36” with a burning time of 3.5 minutes. If you have more than 150 guests on the list for your wedding, you should go for 36” long sparklers for the perfect burning time. They will work perfectly for the memorable pictures and the exit plan execution. 

How to choose the best sparklers?

Choosing the right wedding sparkler length is just one piece of the puzzle. You also need to consider some other factors. Here is how to choose the best ones:

  • Opt for low smoke sparklers for perfect pictures.
  • Choose metal sparklers that are ash-proof.
  • Your wedding sparklers must have a long handle so that your guests can hold them without burning their hands.
  • Select golden sparklers instead of colored ones for the perfect glittering effect. 

Are you ready to create a dazzling wedding exit with the perfect wedding sparklers? Take your time, do some research and explore the best choices. You can also check out our store for some great sparkler options!