Can I Have Sparklers At My Wedding?

Can I Have Sparklers At My Wedding?

Sparklers are a great addition to any memorable celebration. Using them at events has been trending for the past few years and has become part and parcel of modern weddings. They set a magnificent environment and effortlessly capture the radiance of the ceremony. Their benefits are endless – they do not create a mess like confetti and it is easy to use them for outdoor events. There is a long list of good reasons for using them for your special day!

You might be thinking of creative ways to use them so we have compiled a list of some wedding sparklers ideas to illuminate your big day. 

Sparkling Cake Cutting

No wedding is complete without the cake cutting ceremony but is this traditional and simple ceremony worth it? Typically, half of the guests do not bother to stand and watch the event. Wedding sparklers can make it interesting for everyone by capturing their attention and making this iconic moment even more beautiful.

Radiant First Dance

Once you have tied the knot, you will get the chance to create a timeless memory with your first dance as a couple. Make the moment precious by complementing it with wedding sparklers. You can dance surrounded by glittering sparklers held by your guests. You too can hold them and dance your heart out.

Iconic Exit

Want to make your exit from the reception as memorable as your entrance? Wedding sparklers can help you do just that! Get all your guests involved by handing them sparklers and letting them stand at the sides of the lane you will walkthrough. This picture-perfect exit will make for a lasting moment that you can cherish for years. 

Downsides of the idea

These wedding sparkler ideas come with a downside too. If you decide to use them on your big day, you need to be sure that all safety practices are adhered to. Here are the potentials issues that may occur when using sparklers:

  • Holding too many sparklers may result in a fire. 
  • They may become so hot upon burning that it is difficult to hold them.
  • They might ruin your dress if held too close.
  • If you do not keep your hands at a distance from your face, your hair might catch fire. 

These downsides can be avoided by choosing the right type of sparklers and observing all safety measures. Check out our collection for the best wedding sparklers to brighten up your special day.