How Do You Survive A Hot, Summer Wedding?

How Do You Survive A Hot, Summer Wedding?

When imagining a summer wedding, the first things that come to mind are the bright daylight, fragrant flowers, vibrant colors, and whimsical romantic photos. The other side of the picture conceals scorching beams of the sun, hot wind, and a humid environment; ruining the idea of a perfect warm-weather wedding. So how to prepare? Let us look at some of the summer wedding tips to help you survive the sizzling weather.

Summer Wedding Tips

Choose the Right Location

Opting for a combination of indoor and outdoor locations is the best summer wedding tip. You can choose an air-conditioned decorated hall, lobby, or a ballroom with a luxurious terrace looking onto a refreshing garden. Your guests can roam around and enjoy the event and the weather.

Offer Decorated Hand Fans

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, put some beautifully decorated hand fans or wicker fans at the tables. If your budget allows, you can customize them so the guests can keep them as a sweet memory of your wedding.

Opt for Lighter Outfits

When attending a summer wedding, don't overwhelm yourself with heavy formal dresses that don't even allow you to breathe. Light colors and light and breathable fabrics elevate an individual's personality during daytime summer events. Plus, they will offer a soothing effect during the entire event.

Include Some Sun-protection Accessories

Keeping a basket of some heat-beating accessories at each table would be a great favor to the guests. It can include sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, and parasols.

Skip Heavy Food Items

One of the valuable summer wedding tips is to avoid cheesy and creamy food items at an outdoor ceremony, as they can get stale quickly in the summer. Go for lighter, refreshing, yet delicious food items. There is a long list of delicious food to delight your guests on a blazing hot day. In addition, you can also include some fresh fruits to refresh your loved ones.

Add Lots of Drinks and Frozen Desserts

Add ice creams, frozen desserts, sodas, colas, and refreshing drinks to your menu to beat the heat of the day. You can offer as much variety as possible and provide your guests with multiple choices. Besides, everyone loves ice cream and would be delighted to see that option on the menu!

Proper planning beforehand allows you to organize and survive a wonderful summer wedding without letting the extreme weather knock you down. Chalk out a plan, make arrangements, and make some beautiful memories that last forever.