Finding Wonderful Inexpensive Wedding Dresses

Many facets of the wedding industry have been trying to convince us for a while that a "cheap" wedding gown is anything under eleven hundred bucks, and that's not true. Wedding dresses are whatever you make of them, so you shouldn't let a bridal salon or brand decide whether or not something is an "acceptable" wedding dress. There are countless numbers of places you can find beautiful white dresses in reasonable price ranges, and they're every bit as wonderful and beautiful as the ones you see on pricy wedding shows. Think about:   Finding Something at David's Bridal
Sometimes a dirty word in the high-end wedding industry, David's Bridal gets more grief than it deserves. Their customer service is super helpful and accommodating, and their selection is fabulous if you know what you're looking for. The problem is that there are a lot of styles and options to look through. Many people picture an uninteresting, , empire-waisted white potato sack with a burgundy ribbon when they think of the selection at David's, , but the breadth of selection makes it much easier to find something that fits your tastes. On their website, I found a number of fabulous gowns under $300.   Utilizing the Services of Department Stores
Both Nordstrom and Macy's have wedding dresses for much lower prices than I expected. You do have options outside of the traditional bridal salon, and while you may not get the same loyal salesperson at your heels while browsing racks at Nordy's, department stores are worth checking out if you're interested in a pretty but inexpensive dress for your wedding day. Also, consider searching the racks away from the "bridal" section to find simple white dresses that aren't marked specifically for weddings. No guest will tackle you at the altar for wearing something that wasn't filed under "bridal" on the department store website.  
Specialized Private Dress Makers
It sounds like it would be a more expensive option, but it really depends on where you go for your custom wedding dress. Most seamstresses will make you a white dress for next to nothing, but like with everything else in life, the price goes up the fancier you get. If you have a fabric you're set on, take it in and see what the professionals quote you - the same goes for a cut or design. Sites like "Dolly Couture" offer wonderful custom dresses that start at very reasonable rates, and private sellers like Dolly make it much easier to find a dress that suits your particular style. It takes a bit of hunting (online and in the field), but it doesn't have to be impossible to find a wonderfully fabulous dress for way less than most bridal salons would have you believe!