Elegant Bridal Shower Ideas

Elegant Bridal Shower Ideas

Here's a close up picture of the beautiful paper flower backdrop I installed this past weekend.  For those of you who asked, the backdrop is a faux boxwood hedge wall rented from a local rental company.  Since the hedge wall had grids (you can see it up close) on them I used "S" shaped metal hooks that I made using thick green floral wire to hang the flowers on the wall. . . . .  #paperflower #paperart #paperartist #papercraft #handmade #silhouette #silhouettecameo #paperflowers #papercraftin... Your bridal shower is one of your first opportunities to set the tone of your wedding. So if you are planning a wedding dripping in elegance, your bridal shower should set the stage. For example, think about the contradiction of having a casual country bridal shower and a black tie diamond adorned wedding. It would be confusing wouldn't it? Now, it can't outshine the wedding and should be a toned down version. So if you are wanting something elegant, here are some beautiful elegant bridal shower ideas just for you!

Keep the Colors Simple

Pink and Green Wedding | Elegant & Whimsical Wedding | Sarah Gawler Photography | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog Keep the colors clean and simple, is an easy way to set an elegant vibe. Now, the colors don't have to be light, but I would suggest staying away from anything too bright.

Fit for Royal-tea

A little different to our traditional hen dos, the bridal shower is a relatively new arrival to the UK from across the pond. If you want to enjoy a relaxed time with your family and friends and allow everyone to meet before the wedding, this is the ideal One thing to emphasize with a bridal shower, is that it can be a more playful elegance. These beautifully frosted cookies are really reminiscent of a fancy and proper tea party. Though, you can get a little fancier if you want to! Want a Quick, Easy, Elegant Dessert -This no fail cranberry panna cotta recipe is an Italian dessert that you can make at least two days ahead.

Classic Beauty for an Elegant Bridal Shower

Elegant, Classic, champagne, pink and black wedding  Timeless wedding  Bow tie, tuxedo, lace wedding dress, pink bouquet,   www.takphotography.com If you want simple elegance, go with pearls! We love this example from Tak Photography because it highlights how - pretty - it can be. There is nothing old about this bridal shower look. It is simply, lovely. Find this gorgeous table setting and others for your elegant bridal shower and click here

Something Fit for a Bride

White lace dress. For you, we suggest something elegant and bridal of course! Now it doesn't have to be white, but for elegance it might be best not to wear something highlighter green!  Elegant Bridal Shower Dress